Our one time wonder range is HERE... get in quickly while it lasts!

This necklaces is one of my all time favourite designs! Mint & Navy go together so splendidly... add a hint of copper foil and you have a masterpiece. A PERFECT statement necklace to be coupled with a pair of our Navy or Mint Earrings. DIVINE!

All Seasonal Design products are lovingly handmade. Sometimes this means there are slight imperfections but we do our very best to make them to the highest quality. You can be assured that your product will be individual and unique. x

*NB. As the name suggest, our ONE TIME WONDER range consists of one-off necklaces. These designs won't be apart of our standard range. However, if you have missed out on a necklace you particularly love, custom orders are available! Please message me I make a similar design featuring the same colour palettes.